Balanced Diet : A Healthier Life

Balanced Diet
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Food is one of the main factors to have a Balanced Diet. Even achieve the goals for the body, whether in the process of losing weight or even gaining weight. And for this to provide benefits to the body. It is necessary to have a balanced diet and with the assistance of a nutritionist. Where you can provide more details and clarify any doubts.

What is a Balanced Diet ?

 Balanced Diet

balanced diet is one that contains the necessary amounts. Like calories, vitamins, minerals, fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids (fat) and water intake to maintain the body. Taking into account individual aspects such as sex , age group, level of physical activity and respecting food preferences. When following a balanced and healthy diet. The trend is to maintain weight and prevent diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia.

how to make a Balanced Diet ?

The food guide for the Brazilian population advocates a greater consumption of fresh and minimally processed foods. Which have gone through a few industrial processes. Since they provide the best sources of nutrients for the organism. And consume the least amount of processed and ultra- processed. As they went through many industrial processes, with the addition of sugar, fats, sodium, dyes, preservatives and flavorings.

The consumption of whole foods is one of the components in the composition of a balanced diet. These foods are rich in fiber. Which help regulate the intestinal habit and help increase satiety, as well as offering vitamins and minerals. Consuming low-fat meats such as fish, poultry and beef is also indicated on a balanced diet. Intake of water is also very important for the functioning of the body.

how a Balanced Diet can prevent diseases

A balanced and diversified diet, guarantees the prevention of diseases that are caused by an indifferent diet. When the calories and nutrients ingested are less than adequate for the body, which occurs in fad diets that restrict various nutrients and especially calories, they can lead to deficiencies in certain nutrients and can lead to some diseases, such as anemia.

 Balanced Diet

The high consumption of foods rich in fats can lead to the development of cancer, dyslipidemias that can lead to fat in the liver and gallstones. Women at menopause should have a moderate consumption of these foods, because during this period it has the advantage in increasing cholesterol.

The balanced diet coupled with regular physical exercise are great allies for the prevention and treatment of diseases, in addition to making the body healthier and assist during weight loss, as well as gaining lean mass.

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