40 Best Foods That Contain Iron

Best Foods That contain Iron
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In today’s article we will review some of the foods that contain iron i.e Best Foods That contain Iron. And that can not be missing in our diet. In addition, we will give a brief review of the role of iron in the body.

Both in the sports field and in our daily lives. It is very important to have a balance in our diet of macronutrients and micronutrients.

Among the micronutrients we find minerals such as iron. Which is directly related to yield. So the contribution of a quantity of iron that adapts to our requirements is vital.

The iron

Iron is a trace element that enables the formation of hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that allows oxygen to be transported to the tissues of the body.

Knowing this, it is logical its influence on sports performance to be related to transport and storage of essential oxygen for sport.

It is very given in athletes, more common in women, iron deficiency, which is the lack of iron. Its deficit can bring us a lower yield and in more serious cases several health problems.

This is why iron is so important to maintain both performance and optimal health. In our diet can not miss these foods that contain iron for proper functioning of the body.

Best Foods that contain iron

When we talk about foods that contain iron we always think of legumes or meats. However, those who lead this classification are spices such as thyme, dill, curry, cinnamon or chilli powder .

As is logical, the amount we include in our meals does not make them an element with which we can cover our daily iron needs. For what we name it as something anecdotal.

Among the foods that contain iron that we must include in our diet, the ones that contribute the most are clams and cockles , whether they are preserved or natural. (Between 25 and 30 mg per 100 grams).

Other mollusks such as chirlas, mussels, scallops or oysters also contain a lot of iron, so we can include it in our diet for a greater contribution of this (between 25 and 5 mg).

Among the foods of animal origin we find great variety to choose according to our needs of this trace element. The black pudding (resembling the Spanish morcilla ) tops this list. (20 -15 mg).

Both foods to be made with blood, its iron content is very high. Although it is true that it is a high fat food and that its usual consumption is not recommended.

Another two foods that contain iron but that is not habitual to introduce it in the diet, are the liver orthe kidneys . Yes it is true that they are not foods that everyone wants to eat. (10mg).

Foods that come from the liver such as pates , liver sausages or haggis , are also foods that contain iron in large quantities. Although you have to keep in mind that you can be healthier without being processed.

It is not very common in our diet, but another food of the casquería that can give us a lot of iron is the heart, which has a high content of this mineral, but not everyone will be able to include it in their diet. (8 mg).

We continue with unusual foods in our kitchens, but this time more palatable to taste. Thepheasant and the goose are foods with a large amount of iron that we can introduce into our diet.(5 mg).

Canned blue fish, such as canned sardines, anchovies or anchovies are foods that contain iron and can be easily included in our daily diet. (5 mg).

Closing the section of foods of animal origin, pork or veal lean has a considerable amount of iron that can make us opt for it versus others (3-1 mg of iron).

Plant-based foods can also give us a lot of iron

This is the case of wheat bran or oats , which can be included in many of our meals. (6-4 mg).

As a general rule, whole grains are foods that contain iron. Bran or wheat germ , white rice orintegrates l or soybean meal low in calories are some of these examples. (5-2 mg).

Legumes are one of the most important sources of iron in our diet. Lentils, white and red beans or chickpeas are clear examples that can not be missed for a correct supply of iron. (6-2 mg)

Foods That Contain Iron

The tofu is not only a food for vegan diets. Since their contribution of iron is an option for any type of diet. Another option is soy , which triples the contribution of the first (5 and 15 mg)

There are foods not very common in our diet but that can help us iron requirements, such aslicorice , cocoa nibs, cocoa powder or different types of seeds. (10-5 mg)

Finally, another of the foods that contain iron and is also a very healthy option to include in our meals are nuts, highlighting hazelnuts and almonds . (4-3 mg)

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