10 Best Snacks for the Beach

Best Snacks for the Beach
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For a perfect beach day some key requirements must be met: wear a nice swimsuit, a towel and food, lots of food. That is why we have prepared a list of the 10 best snacks for the beach.

What would a beach day be without food? Personally, I can not imagine spending the day on the beach without food; because if there is something irrefutable, it is that the beach is hungry.

At My protein we know how important it is to bring groceries to the beach so that we do not go crazy when our appetites kick in. That is why we have taken care to collect some of the best healthy alternatives.

The 10 best snacks for the beach

1. Protein shake

As good athletes we are, we know that proteins are the most important nutrient for us; It is the fuel for our muscles and it is also very satiating.

If hunger knocks on your door while you are enjoying a nice day at the beach, take out your shaker and prepare a delicious protein shake with cold water.

2. Vegan mix

Do you have a vegan lifestyle? You do not have to worry because in My protein we think of everything, that’s why we have a powerful vegan mixture of the best sources of vegan proteins, such as peas, soybeans and brown rice.

3. Fruit

Fruit is another of the best snacks for the beach, because besides being very healthy and nutritious, it is very easy to transport.

For example, you can take an entire apple and eat it in bites, or you can split it at home and put it in a tupper to eat it comfortably on the beach in pieces. You can do the same with melon, watermelon, orange, etc.

4. Peanut butter

Those of us who love peanut butter know that it is always a good time to eat a spoonful of this delicious snack; on the beach, at work, at home, in the gym …

Best Snacks for the Beach

In addition, you can combine it with your favorite fruit, such as apple. If you have not tried this combination, I recommend you do it as soon as possible. You will not regret!

5. Baked cookie

This impressive and forceful chocolate cookie will leave you totally sated for the whole morning or afternoon, and it is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. With one of these you will forget hunger for a few hours.

6. Dry meat

With an impressive 23 g of protein per serving, our beef jerky is one of the best snacks for the beach.

In addition, it contains only 134 kcal per serving, which makes it suitable for any type of diet, either volume or definition.

7. Nuts

The nuts are small superfoods that Mother Nature gives us and they can not be missing in our diet, and of course, they are perfect to take to the beach.

You can take them in any container and you can eat them while you enjoy a beautiful beach day lying on the towel tanning your skin.

8. Substitute meal bar

Do not you have time to prepare the food to go to the beach? Nothing happens, do not be scandalized. You can take one of our delicious and forceful substitute bars of food and eat it whenever you want.

Replete with quality nutrients and with only 228 kcal, these bars will get you out of more than one hurry.

9. Protein chocolate

Chocolate is another of those foods that we can eat whenever and wherever, and what better time than facing the sea while the breeze caresses our faces …

Our high-protein chocolate contains up to 19 g of protein per tablet, in addition to an irresistible flavor.

10. Carb Crusher

Our new and sophisticated Carb Crusher bars are high in protein and low in sugar, being one of the best snacks for the beach both for its flavor and its functionality.

They contain 21 g of protein per bar, in addition to a large amount of essential vitamins and minerals to complete the needs of your diet.

To end…

We have done our work and we have shown you some healthy snack alternatives for the beach, but now it’s your turn to try them and decide which one you prefer.

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