How to Lose Weight Fast ?

How to Lose Weight
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How to Lose Weight

You may have been spending a lot of time on the diet and now you want to lose weight fast to recover the figure, but do you really think that is the best way to do it?

Anyway, we always manage to skip the diet and unleash our culinary whims, be it a hamburger, a pizza, a carbonara pasta dish, soft drinks, cocktails, chocolate cakes and a long list of pleasures prohibited.

A birthday, a designated party (Christmas, Easter …), summer vacations, a bridge of 3-4 days … any excuse is good to get upset and eat everything regardless of tomorrow!

If you have accumulated some extra weight and you no longer see your abdomen marked as a few months ago, maybe it’s time to say “enough” and recover the good eating habits you’ve always had.

Your first thought is to lose weight fast to not feel guilty about your actions, but if you allow me, now you have to face reality and do things right from scratch, and as the wise say, haste is not good.

Surfing the Internet, in a few seconds you will find all kinds of tips and diets to lose weight fast in just a few clicks, but you have to be careful with that because it may not be entirely healthy.

Weight loss is not something that should be taken as a joke, because we may be putting our health at risk without realizing it and that is something we do not want to happen, right?

Lose Weight Fast

How to lose weight fast

Ideally, to lose weight in a healthy and effective way, is to design a diet based on our caloric needs and daily energy expenditure that allows us to give our body what it needs, no more, no less.

Once we know our caloric needs and daily energy expenditure, we must create a deficit of calories to force our body to resort to accumulated fat reserves to extract energy that does not receive through the diet.

Depending on the weight we want to lose, we must create a greater or lesser calorie deficit, but ideally, create a deficit of 300-500 kcal per day and keep it at least two weeks to check progress.

Thus, as we progress and lose weight, we will adjust the diet and calorie deficit to our new needs, and that is how you lose weight in a totally healthy and effective way, avoiding the dreaded rebound effect.

On the other hand, to enhance and accelerate the results of the diet you can do some kind of daily physical exercise such as running, cycling, weight training, directed classes, etc.

Beware of miracle diets

The miracle diets that can be found on the Internet promise great results in just a few days, such as losing 10 kilos in a week. That’s more than a kilo a day!

These kinds of practices are not healthy, they are totally harmful to our health, and worst of all, when you stop doing that “diet” you recover all the lost weight and much more added weight, and you will have fallen in the rebound effect.

It is normal that our first instinct is to want to lose weight fast to get rid of the extra kilos, but we must be realistic and make an effort not to fall into the temptation of doing things fast and badly.

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