Expert Ways On How to Lose Weight Healthily and Fast ?

How to Lose Weight Healthily and Fast
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To lose weight healthily you have to find the right balance between training and nutrition, and in this article we will help you to achieve itand help you in How to Lose Weight Healthily and Fast.


We always like to remember the importance of food to achieve the objectives set, no matter what they are.


The importance of food in sport


For example, your goal may be to gain muscle mass and weight.

  • First, you should focus your diet towards that goal with the corresponding calorie adjustment, which will allow you to reach the caloric surplus you need to grow.
  • Once you have the subject of nutrition clear, you will go on to cover the subject of training.
  • But remember; If you do not have the right diet, however hard you try to train, you will not get good results.
  • It is very common to see all kinds of images and Internet memes in which it is said that food is 70% and training is the remaining 30%, which is quite successful.


Feeding to lose weight healthily


As we said at the beginning of this post, we will review the key aspects to lose weight in a healthy way without suffering the setbacks of mismanagement of our objectives.


Since we want to lose weight healthily, it is obvious that miracle diets and other cheap tricks will not help us achieve it. We must not neglect any of the essential nutrients to enjoy good health and energy.


Reduce carbohydrates


This reduction will be done very progressively to avoid too sudden changes in our body, and thus we will be forcing our body to resort to accumulated fat for energy.


We can start by reducing the amount of rice, pasta, potatoes and grains, and increase the intake of fruits, vegetables and vegetables, which besides being rich in vitamins and minerals, are high in fiber.


Increase protein intake


Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in our body, and if we reduce them progressively, it is likely that our body will be lacking in energy and try to resort to muscle tissue to achieve it (muscle catabolism).


How to Lose Weight Healthily and Fast


To avoid this muscle degradation, we must progressively increase the protein intake so that our muscles always have the necessary fuel to keep growing.


Do not forget the fats


Fats are also important if you want to lose weight healthily, but you should opt for sources of good fats such as virgin olive oil, avocados, salmon, nuts , etc.


This type of fat will help you fight bad fats, in addition to preventing cardiovascular diseases and regulating cholesterol among other benefits.


Training to lose weight healthily


You must train between three and five days a week to achieve remarkable results in an acceptable time, and you can choose several types of training that will help you achieve it.

HIIT to lose weight


For example, HIIT is a type of training that speeds up metabolism like no other, and will certainly help you lose weight in a healthy and effective way. With an average of 3-4 weekly sessions, you will get good results.


Strength training or hypertrophy to lose weight


A strength training or hypertrophy will help you preserve a greater amount of muscle mass, while eliminating fat thanks to the adjustments of the diet.


The loss of fat will be more progressive than with the HIIT, but without a doubt the results will also be very good, since by maintaining more muscle tissue, the appearance will be of greater definition.


High repetition training


Performing between 15 and 20 repetitions for each series, we will achieve greater muscle congestion that will flood our blood muscles full of nutrients and oxygen that will keep them in optimal conditions.



How to Lose Weight Healthily and Fast


The “drawback” in this case, is that to achieve such a high number of repetitions, one must reduce the weight considerably, which can reduce the strength and hypertrophy, although it will favor the burning of fats.


These are the key aspects that you must take into account if you want to lose weight healthily to show off a beautiful fitness body full of strength, health and vitality.

Do not make the mistake of not giving the diet the importance it requires, and strive to the fullest in every workout to get the best results. Only then will you reach the highest.


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