How to Make Weight Loss Massage Oil at Home

Did you know that reducing massages are used to lose weight, eliminate soft fats and the fluids that make our body look bad? However, physical exercise and a balanced and healthy diet are the most effective way to prevent and eliminate this situation, once it is present it can be treated with simple reducing massages. Here i will tell you How to Make Weight Loss Massage Oil at Home.

Reducing massages are a set of movements and actions that are performed on the body, in order to lose weight, eliminate toxins, mobilize fluids and help activate the different systems of the body, with the aim of reducing some centimeters in specific areas of the body .

Although, you can make reducing massages in any area of ​​the body, the most common is to treat more conflicting parts, such as the arms, legs, hips, thighs and abdomen. Well, receiving a massage is a pleasant experience. The massages relax the body and also the mind, and even leave the athletes as new so they can face long days.

Primal elements to make slimming massages:

To make reducing massages in any area of ​​the body you need a little medicinal alcohol (in gel or liquid, a bit of common cotton, a firm but very soft sponge to the skin (it can also be a soft exfoliating glove or a loofah), A watch and a seductive cream, I also recommend that you have music that you like more for that environment, because this experience will be very pleasant and you can have a good mood if you do it in the company of your sounds that you like the most.

How to Make Weight Loss Massage Oil at Home

How to Make Weight Loss Massage Oil at Home:

Before you start doing the slimming massages it is recommended that you clean the part you are going to treat with a little alcohol with the help of a cotton swab, rubbing very soft so that the skin is not irritated, this is so that the grease and dirt. If you are going to perform the reduction massage in different parts of your body, treat them one at a time in each step and continue with the process.

With the sponge, the loofah or the exfoliating glove, gently massage the part to be treated in very small circular movements, but the movements will be in a clockwise direction. Subsequently, the area must be cleaned again to remove all dead cells that have left.

Next, you will apply the reducing cream a necessary amount, but do not apply in abundance and massages in circular movements, this is so that a great penetration is acceded and activates the circulation of the blood. Take advantage and end by giving a small pat in each area (not too soft, but not cause pain) for half an hour.

This makes a gentle muscle contraction and burns fats and toxins and helps tone the skin, reducing some centimeters. And the homemade reduction massage is finished with a hot shower of a few minutes, and then a shower with cold water.

Homemade Products to Make Slimming Massages:

In the market there are a lot of reducing creams, but the most effective are those made with seaweed, with a cold effect, but you can try a homemade compound that is also very effective for reducing massages.

To do this, cook in a bain-marie a half-liter glass of demineralized water, two teaspoons of seaweed, and a teaspoon of gotu kola, ephedra, coffee tree, apple tree, aloe vera, mint, horsetail, sunflowers, rosemary , hydra and papain. You can buy these products in a health food store or in a diet store, but you can also find these products in pharmacies.

Move with a small wooden spoon while simmering, until the preparation is warm. Subsequently, you will beat with an electric mixer to aerate the preparation well, let it cool and put it in a glass jar, in a cool place or you can also place it in the refrigerator until you decide to use it. As you can see, it is very simple to do, so do not stop making reductive massages in the areas of your body so that you lose weight.


– It is important that you take a varied diet. You always have to include all the food groups in your diet. On the other hand it is important that the diet is fairly balanced. The key to lose weight quickly and healthily is not to abuse the amount of hypercaloric and unhealthy foods.

– Avoid taking a quick day, ie the one that promises to lose many kilos in a week, if they help you lose weight in this way but over time you will have serious health problems. The best is that you opt for slow and long-term diets, for example it is better to follow a healthy diet that promises to lose half or a kilo maximum in a month, of course in this case the results take a little but are more durable and better to health.

– Throughout the day you have to highlight five meals. Avoid skipping some food, especially breakfast, which contrary to what many people think that by not having breakfast, they will lose weight, this only affects their health, breakfast is very important in the early hours of the day to activate the metabolism faster and burn more fat throughout the day. Of course, it is important that you eat a healthy breakfast. Throughout the day you have to make two consistent meals and the others a little lighter, meaning that breakfast and lunch have to be consistent, while mid-morning, mid-afternoon and dinner you have to be light meals.

– As always, you have probably heard about the importance of water to lose weight and it is important for almost everything. It is important that you drink two or more liters of water daily, but you have to do it intelligently. It is advisable to consume a glass of water half an hour before each meal and half an hour later, this will not only help you lose weight, but it will help you to maintain a better digestion. Water is vital to lose weight because it does not contain calories or fats

– Avoid or better yet eliminate salt and sugar from your diet. Simply feeding on unsalted and sugar-free foods will help you lose weight considerably. But the best thing about all this is that not only do they help maintain the ideal weight, but they help you to maintain good health. On the other hand it is important that you prepare your meals with extra virgin olive oil, since this is a natural oil that the body needs.

How to Make Weight Loss Massage Oil at Home


You need these tips to feel motivated. If your goal is to lose kilos then follow the following tips that experts offer for those who have a lot to lose.

The regime should be smooth: Fast diets that promise the loss of many kilos a week, eventually cause health problems and recover lost kilos. The most healthy thing is losing between a half and a kilo per week.

Breakfast must be strong: The best breakfast contributes between 20 and 25% of the daily caloric intake.

Be very clear your motivations: Write on a paper your motivations, the reason why you want to lose weight, having clear and identified the reasons will help you with your commitment, try to include reasons with your appearance for example, read them from time to time It will help you a lot to achieve your goals.

Strict supervision: The more overweight you have, you will need to be more supervised and receive advice from your doctor. All this is because obesity also contributes to other health problems, including hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and insulin resistance. Sometimes, solving these health risks and getting a good treatment can also lose weight, for example, learning how to control your insulin levels can help control your appetite and that can make you lose weight easier.

Eat what you like in its healthiest version: One of the easiest ways to start losing weight is to eat foods that you love. For example if you are going to eat a pizza, which I do not recommend to obtain true results, do it with low fat cheese. To enjoy an ice cream, use the same formula or change the ice cream, for a sorbet.


Frequent questions

Benefits of reducing massages for the body?

Many people have always thought that reducing massages are the perfect and miraculous solution to lose weight, but the truth is that it is not, to lose weight you must eat healthy and exercise, however, there are also some alternatives that can help you in this process, to make it much easier and faster to reach the goal, among those many options, we have the famous reducing massages.

Some of its benefits are, to avoid the accumulation of fat in some specific areas of the body, where it is more complicated to remove it, for example, the abdomen, waist, back and legs, also contributes to the styling of the figure by shaping little little by little the body.

It stimulates blood flow, which causes the metabolism to accelerate, which translates into many processes that culminate in fat loss. After having completed all the sessions, depending on what your body requires, you will be able to reduce some clothing sizes. It is perfect to reaffirm the muscles, that is, they are a great help to note the work of physical exercise. Eliminate muscle tension and motivate you to relax.

What is the truth about reductive massages?

Reducing massages are a technique that is offered in clinics, spas and specialized centers through which pressure is exerted with the hands at high speed on the area, causing heat with the movements. These massages are intended to make you lose some measures, removing the fat causing it to be diluted and expelled naturally from the body, although it has truly been shown that you can lower a few centimeters, it is not a magic solution to lose weight.

Depending on what you require varies the number of sessions per area of ​​the body, which can last approximately one hour of massage. It is important that you know, that in order to see the results of this treatment, you must take a good diet and do some physical activity.

What is the firming massage?

The firming massages are the opposite to those mentioned above, the reducers, those seeking to eliminate fat, while these help to tone and firm the silhouette. This toning focuses on the different muscles that are worked with each treatment, but also these massages also help to release toxins and prevent fluid retention.

With these massages not only help to reaffirm the muscle, but the skin with its tissues, it gives a lot of softness and elasticity, which can prevent the appearance of cellulite.

How long should a massage to lose weight last?

If you have been attentive to the previous answers, you will know the answer to this question, a reducing massage to lose weight can last between 40 to 45 minutes, but the estimated time is one hour or a little less, everything will depend on the person who performs it .


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