Hypertension Causes Anxiety

hypertension causes
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Hypertension Causes Anxiety: Keys to Good Nutrition

Currently, Hypertension Causes Anxiety are more than 14 million people have and approximately 4 million are undiagnosed.

Although it is a treatable disease that can be controlled, if the doctor’s recommendations are not followed. The patient can have serious complications, such as a heart attack.

One of the main measures that can be followed to monitor and keep. This pathology under control is to take care of food.

Who indicates that the diet of the hypertensive patient should be varied. Rich in fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy and poor in salt. In addition, fats should not account for more than 10 percent of the total food consumed.

According to the expert, from the diagnosis the patients will have to fix and adapt their meals more. From that moment you should evaluate the composition and quantity of foods in your diet. “In our country, the consumption of excessive amounts of salt is habitual. So the first change to be made will be the reduction of salt intake.

This is concretized in two main moments

when cooking and seasoning the food, the hypertensive patient must decrease the amount of salt. But equally important is the visit to the supermarket. As it will have to monitor the amount of sodium included in many foods. such as bread, preserves and sausages, and even those that do not seem salty, “he says.

The other fundamental change that must occur is the excessive amount of food consumed that leads to overweight or obesity. Which almost always accompany Hypertension Causes Anxiety.


A reduction in the contribution of food contributes positively to decrease said overweight and, consequently. Facilitates the control of hypertension. In addition, these recommendations should also be followed when eating in restaurants.

Follow the diet successfully


These changes can be difficult to follow at the beginning and can have a significant impact on the patient. In order to successfully adapt to the new routine.

Segura stresses the importance of following a balanced and varied diet. “In this way we will avoid the fatigue that supposes a very monotonous pattern. To introduce new fruits or vegetables. To take advantage of the variety of fish, legumes, to use alternative spices to the salt, like the pepper, the oregano, vinegar or lemon.

Also, it is very advisable to distribute our food intake in several doses a day, ideally five, and avoid binge eating or dinner, “he adds.

The president of the SEH-LELHA insists that hypertensive patients should be aware of the risks associated with inadequate control of their Hypertension Causes Anxiety.

“A patient who knows the possible complications of hypertension can better understand. The recommendations that his doctor or his nurse is telling him, both about changes in lifestyle and about pharmacological treatment and, consequently, put them into practice,” he specifies.

Segura concludes adding that the patient must be an active part in the management of his disease, especially in the case of arterial hypertension, in which a good part of the success of the treatment depends on the involvement of the patient.

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