Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan Free In Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan
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Do you know the foods that are used in the Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan Free?

In another post we explain what this type of diet consists of and all the benefits and inconveniences that you could find if you carry it out.

Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

Next, we will reveal what types of foods are allowed and which ones you should avoid if you add to this method.

Let’s review concepts …

What is the Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan or keto?

It is a type of diet based on the consumption of  foods rich in proteins and fats  .

In this type of diet, the intake of carbohydrates is reduced to the maximum.

During the period in which we are carrying out the keto diet, the process of ketosis takes place;that is an excess of ketones in the blood.

Although this type of diet has multiple benefits, it is not advisable to keep it for a long time.

Remember that if you want to lose weight through this method, you should go to a professional who reviews your situation to adequately control your health.

What foods are part of the Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan Free?

Next, we reveal to you what are the foods of the ketogenic diet.

First, you should consume natural fats such as olive or coconut oil, peanut butter  that is not rich in carbohydrates, etc. It is recommended that we eliminate the vegetable oil.

Meat, fish and seafood are a good choice, since they are high protein products.

Other foods that you can add to your diet are eggs, cheese, vegetables and fruits.

Remember that in the case of vegetables have a very low glycemic index, that is, the carbohydrate index is lower than in other foods.

To achieve ketosis, the most important thing is to avoid foods such as rice, pasta, legumes, breads and cereals.

What should I drink?

Once we have seen the foods that make up the ketogenic diet, we will see what we can drink.

A good option is tea, coffee and, of course, water.

Preferably do not use any sweetener in your drinks, and avoid drinking cappuccinos and coffee with milk.

Despite being a very strict diet, if you go out for a weekend you can afford a glass of wine once in a while.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan Free

To give you an idea, we are going to present several dishes that you can eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner.If you have keto flu then you can also cure this disease.

Remember that in this type of diet the key is in the simplification, so it is even advisable to skip breakfast or snack. Another option would be to take only one coffee in these meals.


 Scrambled eggs: 

You only need 2 eggs, 30 grams of butter, salt and pepper.

First, beat the eggs with the salt and pepper, melt the butter in a pan and mix with the eggs until a creamy texture is formed.

It is a super easy breakfast and very quick to prepare.


 Cod omelette: 

To make the tortilla you need 200 grams of cod, 1 pepper, olive oil, salt and eggs.

Heat the oil in a pan and sauté the chopped peppers. Add the cod and redo it all again about five more minutes.

Beat the eggs in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and add to the pan.

Make the tortilla on both sides and voilà .


 Roasted avocados with mozzarella: 

It is a very simple recipe if you are looking for a light dinner. You can even put it in the breakfast if you feel like it.

You will need 1 avocado, half tomato, lemon juice, mozzarella cheese, salt, olive oil and fresh oregano.

Cut the avocado in half by removing the bone. Next, paint it with lemon juice.

Fill the two halves of mozzarella cheese and place them in the oven at 180º until the cheese is melted.

When it is ready, add the tomato pieces, a stream of olive oil and a little salt.


To carry out a keto diet, remember to simplify the number of meals per day and suppress carbohydrates as much as possible.

Ketogenic diet foods should mainly contain healthy proteins and fats.

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