To Lose Weight Effortlessly 2019

Lose Weight Effortlessly
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The first moments of the day are key to our body and how we face them can make a difference when it comes to achieving our desire to lose weight effortlessly.

Lose Weight Effortlessly


Ten Habits in Your Breakfast


Losing weight is a process that, on many occasions, becomes difficult. Leaving our food habits acquired over the years is complicated , especially when it comes to taxation, even for our own good. Therefore, some tricks to lose weight are always welcome that can facilitate the way to get rid of the extra pounds.

We are going to give you ten important tips for breakfast , the most important meal of the day according to most doctors and nutritionists. Not only at the level of food you should take to help you lose weight, but also other important matters such as the mentality to face the process of losing kilos, the hours of sleep you must sleep or, even, the importance of receiving light of the sun.

Lose Weight Effortlessly

The first thing we have to take into account when having breakfast is that we must activate our body, so the body needs us to provide a good amount of proteins that serve for the following hours. In this way, we will not need to visit the refrigerator or the office machine in search of something to take us to the body, which is not traditionally the healthiest.

Several studies, both in men and women, show that proteins help to deactivate the hormone ghrelin , the one in charge of informing the brain that we should feed ourselves. If we reduce the presence of this hormone we reduce hunger. Some examples of high-protein foods for breakfast are chia seeds, eggs, nuts or dairy.


Water, that great friend


There is no self-respecting diet that does not recommend drinking large quantities of water . The amount that all experts point out is that of two liters a day , but we can start early in the morning by drinking two glasses , since some studies have shown that drinking water helps the body burn calories, at least during the next hour We drink that amount of liquid.

Lose Weight Effortlessly

Several reports point to the benefits of water when it comes to losing weight : some, by reducing the hunger we feel in the morning, which in turn reduces caloric intake by up to 13 percent; others, when calculating in two kilos a year the difference between a person who drinks a lot of water and who does not. The truth is that being well hydrated throughout the day is essential to Lose Weight Effortlessly and start drinking water from the morning is a great idea.


Weigh ourselves and raise awareness to Lose Weight Effortlessly


Nobody likes to be constantly aware of the scale, but when we want to lose a few kilos it is important to know how we are doing it. Weighing ourselves every morning is a formula not to obsess over the figures, but to help us acquire the healthy habits necessary to meet our goals. A daily statistic that is forming a curve with our slimming process will be very useful to lose weight effortlessly.

Exercising in the morning is more beneficial to the body than doing it at any other time of the day.

Lose Weight Effortlessly

Another idea that the experts point out as very positive to help us Lose Weight Effortlessly is to focus completely on the present moment and to become aware of what we are going to do. This improves the results when we undergo a diet of slimming, since it promotes healthy habits not only in the diet, but also in other behaviors related to obesity: exercise, rest, stress, etc.


Exercise, sleep … and sun to Lose Weight Effortlessly


Exercise is (almost) essential to lose weight. Almost all known diets recommend introducing the sport in our daily routine , as it will decisively help us to lose the extra pounds. But some studies have shown that exercising in the morning is even more beneficial for the body than doing it at any other time of the day, so it’s a great way to start the day.

Lose Weight Effortlessly

A good way to meet the previous point is to change our daily transportation routine . Although in many cases it is essential to use our car, several studies have shown that there is a relationship between walking, cycling or public transport to work and our weight. So, is there a better way to start the day than to take a walk to work (or to the nearest means of transport)?


Lack of sleep is associated with a higher calorie intake, so sleep the recommended eight hours will help us not overeat in the morning. It is not an accessory question: a study has compared people who slept 4 hours on average with those who did 8 hours and the difference is abysmal.

Those who slept less consumed 500 calories more in breakfast on average than those who slept the recommended hours.


And if sleeping is important, exposing ourselves to the sun is important too. Opening the windows in the morning so that sunlight enters will help us achieve our goal since exposing ourselves to the sun will raise our levels of vitamin D, which is associated with weight loss.

There is no clear figure in this regard, but several experts agree that 10 or 15 minutes of sunshine each morning will benefit us in our fight against the scale.


No to the menu of the day


If with all these tips you think it’s enough, we still have two more that will help you lose weight effortlessly. The first, take the food to work .

Different studies indicate that people who eat at least five days a week at home or who take food in the tuppper have a 30 percent less chance of gaining weight than those who eat often in restaurants, even if controlling food that they ask for.


Finally, control the amount of food you eat . Aiming the amounts that we eat daily and not serving more than the recommended average servings will help us lose weight effortlessly.

There are already a multitude of applications on mobile phones to do it; It will only take us a couple of minutes each day and it will be another help to fulfill our purpose: lose the extra pounds.

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