Golden Rules for Losing Weight Fast at Home

Losing Weight Fast at Home
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Here are four very important rules for Losing Weight Fast at Home:

Rule 1: Proper Nutrition

To Losing Weight Fast at Home, diet should be planned to lose weight with pleasure. Pleasant, healthy recipes, use the correct form of preparation, seek to eat quality food and the ideal amount.


 The Detox Plan teaches you how to lose weight fast and is a complete plan to lose weight and smart with food, recipes and even a program with cycles and breaks so you can lose weight, maintain and have health.

Losing Weight Fast at Home



And it still has an exclusive motivational group on Facebook to give that strength, change ideals and experience (some participants lost 10 pounds in 10 days).

The methods of losing weight

Change your diet with foods less calorific, make smart changes and instead of frying: eat raw, cook or bake. Eat less sweet foods and concentrated juices, do not drink soda (1 liter of Coca-Cola contains 450 calories, which can be likened to a good dinner).


Eat more often, making divided meals. When eating food, the body consumes immediate needs and inventory formation. With longer intervals between meals, the greater the chance of storing energy through fat in your body and you will not be hungry if you eat every three hours.

Losing Weight Fast at Home


In addition, the body consumes most of the energy in the morning so it is not interesting to get hungry in the morning and extrapolate in the afternoon or evening.

Chew well :in addition to better controlling hunger, your body needs this process to have more health and good digestion.


Eat sweet only as a tasting or when you feel like it, but before going to eat the sweet Eat a fruit before to lessen anxiety Eat dessert only when you are not hungry, taste slow and follow the principle of “less is more.”


Do you feel very hungry? Control hunger half an hour before the main meal, drink a glass of skim milk with a piece of black bread or a banana, apple, pear or orange. Your body will start to feel less hungry and you will eat less.


Avoid alcohol. In addition to containing high calorie, with it we lose control over the amount of food we consume. Alcohol harms the body, deregulates sleep and the proper functioning of the body.

Rule 2: Physical activity

Even if you are in the strictest diets, not doing physical activity will compromise the result. Sports activate the metabolic processes of the body, raise the good cholesterol and help to lose weight.

Jumping rope for weight loss:

Jumping rope can keep the body in good shape. After fifteen minutes, it burns 200 calories, does not take up much space and can be made at home. Start with the simplest jumps, try jumping low, pinning the body in one position, increasing the difficulty.

Losing Weight Fast at Home

Hula hoop:

If used for 15 minutes, the hula hoop burns from 200 to 250 calories, and can be always at your fingertips. It has an impact mainly in the area of ​​the waist, abdomen and thighs, improving the reduction of cellulite. It does not take much to move.

Morning exercises

have a powerful effect on the body and still help breathing techniques. Other types of exercise can also be used at home. Just go on the internet and choose the one you like best.

Rule 3: Home Weight Loss Tips

Diet changes and increased physical activity are key components of weight loss. Do not forget about additional procedures that will help you Losing Weight Fast at Home. Here are a few:


It is a form of pleasant weight loss. It can be more radical rubbing the body with honey or salt, while the sweating begins. Contraindications: presence of rashes, scratches and other skin disorders, and problems with the heart.

Reducing creams:

Especially thermogenic cream that stimulates the body’s metabolism, improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage due to the thermal effect when applied to problem areas.

Special clothing with high-tech fabrics:

shorts, trousers, belts. Using them during physical activity reinforces the effect of exercise due to the heating of subcutaneous fat.


A great help by relaxing the body, improving the appearance of the skin and the metabolism. Several massagers that are now on sale, maybe not 100%, but replace professional massage and help you Losing Weight Fast at Home.

Wrapping yourself in seaweed, mud, oil, honey, clay:

This is one of the most effective additional processes for weight loss, only three or four sessions to achieve a waist reduction. They can also be made at home by combining with massage and bathing with sea salt – the weight loss process will be faster.

Rule 4: Psychological Mood

The first thing you have to do is recognize that you are sick, especially if your weight is greater than desired. If you know you can not and yet you eat, this can be a sign that anxiety is great.


To treat this disease, you need to change your way of life forever, otherwise the disease will come back again. The decision to lose weight is just yours, no one is able to make you fulfill a diet or exercise other than you.


Share with people who have the same goal, choose a support group. Weight loss is difficult, so it is important to seek help. Learn to see your daily achievements and describe what is happening to you so you avoid mistakes and do not punish yourself – always move on for the better. You must be positive.


Find the motivation to lose weight, be proud of yourself. Always take pictures in the beauty function of the camera or cell phone, tidy up your hair, wear good-looking clothes, and if you notice that you have changed, celebrate success by always being cheerful.


Learn this effective trick, replace large dishes with small ones to eat less. And most important, never doubt your success, imagine what you want to be and love yourself the way you are!

Specialist shows you how to lose weight fast and without starving

How to lose weight fast? Healthy weight loss specialist Rosi Feliciano will talk about important tips for you to lose weight and not get back to gain weight.

Losing Weight Fast at Home

To lose weight fast the body needs to spend more calories than it earns through eating, thus creating a deficit that forced on weight loss. Therefore, a low calorie diet is essential for fast weight loss.


Interesting to have a sufficient portion of vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates. For a faster effect of weight loss some diets are formed with foods that accelerate the metabolism: thermogenic, diuretic, laxative, nutritious, quench hunger and high in water.

In addition, it is important to analyze the person individually, to know the current state of health, mental state, eating habits and physical activity routine. By analyzing the individual with a whole, we can focus on solutions that really help you to lose weight.

How does the body respond when people lose weight fast? 

When you lose weight, you lose your whole body and not in a specific place, so people do not lose weight directly in the belly or breech as they would like. Fat is easier to accumulate where it is most vulnerable, flaccid or genetically predisposed.

How is it to lose weight fast in a week?

It will be more visible in some places than others. With rapid weight loss, taking the exceptions, you can initially tune the face, the belly will become less pointed, after that, it will decrease the amount of fat in the buttocks, culotte and finally the belly and arms.

Losing Weight Fast at Home

Is it important to assess what you are missing out on: fat, fluid or lean body mass? The interesting thing is to lose only excess fat and fluid in the body. For this, it is important to have a diet and exercise that is right for you. So you will maintain and create lean mass that will promote strength and beautiful muscles.

First check it out

A checkup is mainly important to diagnose fundamental aspects of your health like: conditions of your joints, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, absorption of vitamins. And one of the factors that prevent weight loss is thyroid malfunction. So a check up with clinical and blood exams with health professional. This will show you important facts that have influenced your weight loss and the following diet.

Exercise to achieve weight loss

To lose weight in a week and still 10 kg you should seek besides the diet a physical activity to work the muscles. Special exercise for weight loss is the cardio, like: run, walk, step, that is, move fast. For more flexibility, stretch and massage your body every day. Massage and stretches do the physical preparation, improves blood flow to the proper areas of the body, so the fat will burn a little faster.

Drink water all day.

Moisturizing is critical to the functioning of the body. To lose weight your body needs to be working well and in fast mode of burning of calories, for this it is necessary to drink 2 to 5 liters of water per day preferably 6 times or more per day.


Also hydrate through: coconut water, soups, vegetables, leaves, teas, juices (important to avoid concentrated juices, calories, sugar, preservatives and sodium).

Weight loss with health is more than losing weight fast. It is also among other things keeping weight off, so it is important to seek something more than a fast diet, it takes long-term programming and still lifestyle change.


Changing your lifestyle and losing weight is a difficult task, most people will regain weight or give up halfway, so look for something more complete that can support your weight loss plan before, during, and after.

The Secret of Fast Weight Loss Diets

The secret of fast weight loss diet is in the amount of food consumed and also in the ideal preparation form raw, cooked or roasted. Most people need 2000 thousand calories a day. This varies from one person to another, so it’s good to consult. You will find that you need to eat less and certain to lose weight. Ideal to eat 5 to 6 times a day small portions (200ml) and low calorie, containing: vegetables, vegetables, milk, yogurt, eggs, meats and oleoginous seed.

Losing Weight Fast at Home

Diets are built from 800 to 1,500 calories and for a few days.

Example of building diets menu to lose weight: 


250 calories: 140 grams of protein-rich food, 30 grams of carbohydrate-rich food and 150 grams of rich food vitamins

Morning snack:

100 calories: oil seeds Lunch: 350 calories: 160 grams of protein-rich foods, 50 grams of carbohydrate-rich foods and 200 grams rich in vitamins.

Afternoon snack:

100 calories: 100 grams of foods rich in vitamins. Dinner: 300 calories: 140 grams of protein, 30 grams of carbohydrates and 150 grams of vitamins.


100 calories: 100 grams of food rich vitamins.

Total: 1200 calories

Tea can be taken when you are hungry: green tea, chamomile, fennel, lemongrass and others



cassava, potato, yam, face, bread, whole wheat flour, rice and others


fruits, vegetables and greens.

Animal protein:

meats, milk, eggs, yogurt and others.

Vegetable protein:

beans, avocado, quinoa, chickpeas, mushrooms, soybeans, Pará nuts, cashews, peanuts, nuts, linseed, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and other

To lose weight avoid:

white flour and excess white rice, sugar, fried foods, processed foods, processed foods, sodium and alcohol.

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