A Poor Man’s Diet Plan These Days

Currently, it has been shown that most people who want to lose weight spend hundreds of dollars a month on weight loss products quickly, but the worst is that in some cases you do not get good results. But despite great publicity and the tricks you have to lose weight, it can be said that all over the world one of every three people is overweight.

What is generating controversy today is not only the number of overweight people there are but how much money these people spend on weight loss products. That is why the current economic uncertainty means that people who are overweight no longer opt for expensive products to lose weight and look for new formulas, for that case I leave with a poor man’s diet plan.

This is a special plan that will not only allow you to lose weight as you wish but also saves you money in the care of your health, that is, you do not have to buy products to lose weight, that’s why which has been called the poor man’s diet plan.

Diet Cost Of Poor Man

A center specializing in nutrition in the United States has made known the cost that can be generated by the poor man’s diet. Within his research, he has shown that the diet plan varies in four different levels of cost, which range from the saving person and the liberal. For example, a man from 19 to 40 years can simply spend US $ 169.10 to consume completely healthy and nutritious foods for a month. This is a healthy diet that has the presence of salubrious foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables as well as cheap cuts of lean beef and fish. It depends on the country that you live, this figure may vary, of course, by far your country may seem too high, but in the United States it is a very cheap one.

A Poor Mans Diet Plan

Weight Loss

No matter what diet you are taking, weight loss can be summed up by spending more calories with the performance of physical exercises that are consumed in all kinds of food. In general, an average person consumes between 2,000 and 3,000 calories a day so that he can maintain his proper weight, of course it depends on the level of activity. On the contrary, a woman has to consume between 1,600 and 2,400 calories a day, of course this depends on how much physical activity they perform. One pound of fat (0.5 Kg) represents nothing more and nothing less than 3500 calories. So this means that in order for you to lose at least one pound in a week you have to lose 500 calories a day.


An effective weight loss diet for the poor man is one that provides all the nutrients that a person needs to have the necessary energy to develop all the daily activities, it is what leaves you satiated without an excess of calories. Very strict or low nutrition diets are usually the ones that are not good since they are the ones that do not provide good long-term results because the body wants vitamins and minerals.

A good and economical diet is that it has small portions of all kinds of healthy foods that have a low-calorie index such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meat, and low-fat dairy. Also include high-fiber foods such as oatmeal, wholemeal bread, legumes, and citrus fruits, add volume to foods, which allow you to sate easily.

Example Of Diet For Poor Man

A healthy diet to lose weight has 2000 calories in three meals and two snacks a day. To start the day you have to choose a breakfast with two poached eggs, two whole-grain pieces of bread with two teaspoons of butter and a cup of red fruits. For the mid-morning snack opt for an apple and 1/2 ounce (14 g) of cheese. For lunch, a tuna sandwich using bran bread, 3 ounces (85 g) of tuna and a teaspoon of light mayonnaise and a glass of carrot juice will be more than enough. For mid-afternoon six bran biscuits. For dinner, a small portion of brown rice with broccoli.

Diet To Lose 15 Kilos Or More

A Poor Mans Diet Plan

To lose weight it is very important that you change your eating style and that you follow a diet that allows you to eat a minimum amount of calories or almost nothing, but it must contain the necessary proteins so that you can develop your daily life in a normal way.

It is preferable to follow a proper diet and recommended to undergo plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery in order to lose those extra kilos and achieve the image they want to feel good about themselves and sometimes to wear a suit for some special occasion But undergoing surgery is much more risky than following a diet, but so you do not have any problems to lose weight here I will show you a diet to lose 15 kilos or more, all this depends on you changing your lifestyle to bring a life with a healthy diet and a lot of physical exercise so you can lose 15 kilos or more.

This diet to lose 15 kilos or more has a progressive but safe process, this diet is more special and more appropriate than many others that are diets that have a rigorous progress that can often cause the unpleasant rebound effect, fast diets can generate some problems with the organism and with health in general, that is why it is much more preferable to follow a long-term diet than a fast diet.

This time I will show you a diet to lose 15 kilos or more that is very ideal for you to obtain the desired figure as they strategically contain different special foods for a diet to lose weight. Before following any diet I recommend that you consult with a specialist so that you do not have any problems or contradictions, it is necessary that you show your trusted doctor the diet you want to follow so that it can analyze and give it is approved if it is recommended for you, Remember that not all diets work the same in all organisms. A special diet to lose 15 kilos or more is the following.


Every day an infusion rate with milk without cream with a fruit of the time.


Every day consumes a fruit of the season and a glass of natural yogurt without cream.


Day one: a prey of chicken breast with pumpkin puree and an apple.

Day two: steamed vegetables and a seasonal fruit.

Day three: dietetic broth, a pancake of vegetables with a little bit of brown rice and a fruit.

Day four: Same as day three.

Day five: two hundred grams of noodles with dietary b├ęchamel and one fruit.

Day six: Same as day three and four.

Day seven: Same as day two.


Every day a cup of milk infusion without cream with a seasonal fruit.


Day one: One hundred and fifty grams of steamed fish with a carrot.

Day two: two hundred grams of carving, garnished with fresh tomato and a seasonal fruit.

Day three: a seasonal fruit and lentil salad with raw vegetables with lemon, oil, salt and pepper to taste.

Day four: two hundred grams of carving, garnished with fresh tomato and a seasonal fruit.

Day Five: Two hundred milliliters of dietary broth with a fruit salad and a cup of dietary gelatin.

Day six: Two hundred milliliters of dietary broth with a fruit salad and a cup of dietary gelatin.

Day seven: a spinach omelet with egg with a tomato salad and a fruit.

When lying down: Every day a green tea infection.

Note: Regarding the fruits that this diet includes, the most indicated are apples, oranges, strawberries, pineapple, pear, pot, plum, etc. You must avoid the consumption of the banana since this fruit contains many calories.

Frequent questions

1.- How to follow a diet and not abandon it?

When a person wants to lose weight, they should not only follow a healthy eating plan, but should also have a daily exercise routine of at least 40 minutes a day, where they keep moving and can burn a lot of calories.

To answer the question, how to follow a diet and not abandon it, the first thing you should know is that you need a lot of perseverance, discipline and commitment, you must be really determined to change your lifestyle, the word “diet” can sound annoying , but what if you change that for a healthier lifestyle, where you have a much healthier and balanced diet, eliminating fats and sugars, surely you will get used to it and you will not want to go back to old habits.

Eye must always be flexible, that allows you to continue with your healthy diet, that is, if you eat balanced and healthy throughout the week, one day of the weekend you can eat a dessert or the food that you like, so that You will be having a balance in your life.

2.- How to start a diet to lose weight?

To start a diet or a healthy diet to lose weight, we have two simple tricks that can be very helpful. The first is to eliminate bad eating habits throughout life, yes, this is one of the most complicated parts of this process, so we recommend that you do it little by little, do not try to eliminate everything you eat at night in the morning, because the next week you’ll be eating everything you can not. This should be a slow process, little by little you will modify habits, changing flavors.

The second important point is, dare to try new things, new flavors, vegetables and fruits that before when you went to the supermarket did not even look, it’s time to expand the taste of your palate, it is normal that you do not like a vegetable, but It is good that you try many more.

3.- How to make a healthy diet?

To take a healthy diet you need several important things, to know you we leave this video.

4.- What can we eat in a healthy diet to lose weight?
There are many food options that you can enjoy on a diet, with each of them you can prepare different recipes for you to eat varied and delicious, here we will leave a list of a few foods that you can include.

Vegetables: all the vegetables that you want to include here are allowed, some with a little more calories than others, but all are perfect for their nutritional contribution. You can include them in many recipes, such as salads, baked preparations, soups, among others.

Dairy: you should be careful with them, preferably consume them skimmed, and minimize the consumption of cheese.

Fruits: they are others that you can eat in large portions, or at various times of the day, provide vitamins, minerals and good sugars.

Cereals and legumes: they are essential in a healthy diet, because they have a wide variety, so you can always change the menu, they are delicious and provide many nutrients, as well as providing a feeling of fullness.

Proteins: they are one of the most important, such as eggs, meat, chicken, fish and other seafood.


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