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l carnitine when to take
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Summer is coming and with it the good weather to go to the beach or pool. Simply show off body with seasonal clothes. For this, many of us use L-Carnitine as an aid in this period. In today’s article we will review what exactly this element is. How it works and the foods with L-Carnitine to succeed in our goal.

What is L-Carnitine and what is it for?

L-carnitine and is a molecule whose mission is to help the long-chain fatty acids to cross the mitochondrial membrane.l carnitine when to take with the aim of converting it into energy (action that occurs inside the mitochondria).

This element is produced by the body itself, in livers and kidneys, from vitamin C and the amino acid lysine. It is essential to burn fat and helps us in an adequate absorption of these.

For the functions that we have commented. It is very important to include them in diets and when we need to lose fat. That is why it is important to know the foods with L-carnitine to include them in our diet.

Foods With L Carnitine

Top 10 foods with L-carnitine

Although the body produces it. There are several foods that contain L-carnitine and that we must introduce into our diet if we want to lose fat. Fruits, vegetables and nuts contain little quantity. Unlike red meats and fish that contain a lot of this element.

Amount of L-carnitine per 100 grams of food:


Sea bass is a fish considered white, which contains 5mg of L-carnitine. In addition, it is a great source of protein and fatty acids that makes it a very healthy option to include in our dishes.


The chicken, especially the breast, is one of the classic in the diet of athletes due to being a source of fat-free proteins. This food can give us 8mg which makes it ideal for fat loss diets.


This blue fish is one of the foods with L-carnitine that we can include in the diet with 11mg.Although being a blue fish we must introduce it occasionally, its contribution of fatty acids and proteins makes it a good choice.


If you are a seafood lover and you are trying to include foods with L-carnitine, we have a good option for you to enjoy. The crab gives us 12 mg so you can enjoy it with tranquility.

Goat cheese

Some dairy products contain considerable amounts of L-carnitine. One of them is goat cheese with 13 mg and rich in protein, compensates its high fat content for occasional consumption.


Cod is the fish with the highest content of L-carnitine, 13 mg. Being a white fish its consumption is highly recommended if we seek to lose fat due to its high protein content


Rabbit meat is a white meat that, although it is not very usual consumption, is a very healthy option and one of the foods that more L-carnitine can provide, 27 mg. In addition, it is rich in proteins and low in fat.


If we talk about foods with L-carnitine, red meats are the ones that can not contribute the most.This is the case of pork with 30 mg, although its consumption should be occasional because of its fat content.


Compared with other foods with L-carnitine the difference is abysmal, given that beef has nothing more and nothing less than 90 mg (3 times more than pork). If we choose this option, we should look for the most fat-free part to consume it.


The food with more L-carnitine that we can find is not one of the most common foods in our kitchen, but its quantity quintupled that of pork and is more than 10 times that of cod.

Venison contains nothing more and nothing less than 150mg. It is a meat that is a good source of protein and without high levels of fat, which makes it an ideal option to introduce occasionally in our diet.


L-carnitine is very important to introduce if our goal is fat loss. Although we introduce it into our diet through food, we can help the body with supplementation.

From Myprotein we offer different supplements of L-carnitine , from capsules, in liquid capsules, in powder as acetil L-carnitine or carnitine drink in monodose.

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