Vitamins to Boost Immune System | Top 10 foods to raise the defenses

Vitamins to Boost Immune System
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Vitamins to Boost Immune System : The arrival of winter. Brings with it numerous sudden changes in temperature that weaken our immune system. So we must activate our alarms and raise the defenses so that the flu does not catch us unawares.

To raise the defenses of our body, the first thing we are obliged to do is to review our diet.

Following a balanced and healthy diet, including fruits and vegetables of the time. Help the body to obtain the vitamins. Minerals and antioxidants needed to fight free radicals that cause cell aging. As well as helping us to raise the defenses.

Given the great importance of diet in our Vitamins to Boost Immune System. We will show you a list of the best foods to raise the defenses of your body.

Top 10 food to raise the defenses

1. Garlic

Garlic is a food that is usually added at the beginning of a recipe to give it flavor. But it is also loaded with antibacterial and antiviral properties that will help us raise our defenses. It increases the body’s defenses, improving our response to viruses and bacteria.

2. Citrus

Mandarin, grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime are excellent foods to raise the body’s defenses due to its high concentration of vitamin C.

This Vitamins to Boost Immune System is a great help. It prevents constipation typical of the winter season, as well as helps recovery.

If you are a person who does not like citrus fruits, or are an athlete who needs more vitamin C than a normal person due to intense exercise, you have the perfect alternative with these comfortable chewable vitamin C capsules .

3. Onion

Onion is another excellent option to strengthen the immune system and especially the ability to relieve respiratory infections.

Cooked is taken to relieve respiratory conditions such as congestion in the bronchi that makes it difficult for us to carry the day normally, and crude to reduce cough and mucus.

4. Red fruits and vegetables

Any fruit or vegetable that we observe that in its appearance highlights the red color as tomato, pepper, strawberries or cherries, we are revealing that they are rich in carotene and vitamin A.

These concentrations make them perfect foods to raise the defenses, since they boost the defenses of the immune system, helping to prevent diseases.

5. Water

Yes it is; Water is another food to raise the defenses. Keeping yourself hydrated helps dissolve mucus, freeing the airways and protecting it against bacteria.

Vitamins to Boost Immune System

Do not forget to drink 3 liters of water a day to have the virus at risk.

Add coconut water powder , to increase the concentration of electrolyte, and favor hydration especially at times of maximum intensity.

6. Natural almonds

The natural almonds are an essential source of vitamin E, this potent antioxidant vitamin increases the number of white blood cells that are the protectors of our body, which affect us prevent batteries and viruses. In addition, almonds are rich in Omega 3 and will help reduce cholesterol.

Have you tried almond butter ? It is another delicious way to consume almonds, it is made 100% with natural almonds and you can add it to any food.

And if you have any doubts about how to use almond butter, take a look at this delicious recipe for cherry and almond crepes . You’ll love it!

7. Honey

Honey is a natural food that gives a delicious sweetness to any dish. It has always been used to relieve cough when we are going through the flu. But it also serves to prevent cough due to its antibacterial and antiseptic capacity.

8. Oat flakes

The oatmeal besides being a superfood, are rich in zinc, manganese and copper, minerals that have a major role in our immune system. Protecting and enhancing its effectiveness against bacteria and viruses.

Vitamins to Boost Immune System

9. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are another ideal food to raise the defenses. Research has confirmed the antimicrobial and antiviral properties of these vegetables.

A delicious scrambled mushroom before going to bed will help strengthen your immune system.

10. Royal jelly

Royal jelly is created by bees. It is considered a totally natural superfood that helps to reinforce the Vitamins to Boost Immune System in a completely natural way, and helps to increase the resistance of our organism against the low temperatures of winter.

Do not forget to include these foods in your next purchase and your family’s defenses will rise like foam.

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