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What To Eat Before Going To The Gym

What To Eat Before Going To The Gym
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What To Eat Before Going To The Gym? Breakfast is one of the most talked about topics and lately generates more controversies. We have always heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, although the latest research does not confirm it and this statement is in doubt. Anyway, in today’s article we will leave you some of the best options to know what to have breakfast at the first meal of the day.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day?

As we have said before, there is a belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day , because after the night we had several hours of fasting. It is true that breakfast is important, but no more than the other meals of the day. The latest studies suggest that the total of all meals is more important than a specific one, with which we can not affirm that none is more important than another.

What To Eat Before Going To The Gym

When is it convenient to have breakfast?


This is one of the most controversial topics about breakfast. Is it better to train before or after breakfast? For this question there is no concrete answer , given that it will depend on ourobjective , our preference and even the time we have.

A clear example of this is fasting exercise , which many studies indicate is a good option for weight loss. Depending on our needs and objectives, we will raise it one way or another.

Breakfast distribution


What To Eat Before Going To The Gym? The breakfast before or after training, like any meal throughout the day, should provide us with the macronutrients in a balanced way . It is considered a balanced breakfast that provides the recommended amount of carbohydrates (through fruits, oats, cereals) proteins (dairy, eggs) and fats (olive oil, avocado, nuts).

It is also important to adapt our breakfast depending on the training we do and when we are going to do it. Ideally if we are going to do the training after breakfast is to wait approximately 2 hours .If we do not have this time, it is better to take a lighter breakfast, although always balanced, to avoid stomach discomfort or fading. If we perform a fasting training breakfast should provide us with extra nutrients given that we must provide the body with enough nutrients to recover the effort made .

What To Eat Before Going To The Gym

Once we have all the information to plan our breakfast before training (or later if we perform afasting training ), we can choose different options:

1. Toast

A classic breakfast. For a healthy and balanced breakfast, we will look for wholemeal or spelled breads. To accompany, we can use some type of low-fat cold cuts (turkey, chicken or cooked ham), olive oil and / or tomato.

2. Fruits

One of the foods that can not be missing in any meal, can not fail in a breakfast before training. At least one piece of fruit should be introduced, preferably whole, rather than in juice. A good option is Macedonian.

3. Natural yogurt

A good source of protein whenever we avoid sugary versions. Either with fruits, nuts or just a good option to take in our breakfast.

4. Oats

It is one of the most complete and most used foods in fitness breakfasts given its multiple benefits (high fiber content, high quality protein, satiating, etc.). It can be combined with yogurt, fruits, skimmed milk or in pancakes . We can choose oatmeal or the ground oats .


The nuts are a good option to complete the option, for its caloric intake and omega-3 oils, as well as vitamins and minerals. You always have to prioritize the consumption of these fruits naturally.Almonds , cashews or walnuts are some of the best examples.

6. Peanut butter

Like nuts, the peanut butter (or other fruit s eco gives us nutrients, ideal for breakfast before training if you ‘re trying to get muscle mass.

7. Whey protein

Whey proteins are a good option to complete the contribution of these in any food. Even with a piece of fruit and nuts can serve as a quick breakfast.

8. Avocado

We are used to introducing avocado only in salads and other foods. But avocado is a good choice for a healthy and balanced breakfast. A good option is to take it with some toast.

9. Eggs

The egg is the food that provides the highest quality proteins. That is why it is one of the best options to introduce in our breakfasts. Scrambled, grilled, in tortillas or pancakes is one of the best options for breakfast before training.

10. Granola

The granola is a combination of nuts and oats that can be a perfect breakfast. In addition, we can look for Myprotein protein granola that gives us a higher percentage of proteins than other brands.


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